Ten Tips For A Joyful School Summer Holiday

Ten Tips For A Joyful School Summer Holiday

The school Summer holidays are nearly here and I can’t wait to have six weeks with my children but I also know that the more organised I can get in advance the better everything will be for all of us.

At the beginning of 2018 I set myself a challenge to see if I could work smarter during term time and take the holidays off with the children. I did it and it became my new normal rhythm and I absolutely love it. However, I am aware that this is not possible for everyone and I know how lucky I am. I hope that whatever your personal set up is over the school holidays that this post and the few that follow will help and inspire you to create a special Summer for the whole family.

  1. Getting organised : I think organisation is key to a happy summer holiday with children. I’d love to think that we could all just go with the flow each day but this doesn’t always end happily, especially with two autistic children in the mix. The more that I plan, the most it can feel like we’re going with the flow, which might sound really odd but is so true. I give plenty of space between activities, so that is none of that school morning rushing feeling but at the same time we are doing things we all love.
    I will be taking the majority of the holidays off work but I do need to keep on top of my emails and a few other things. I will fit this around my children and definitely use some of my early morning hours for this. This will help to take the pressure off during the rest of the day and stop any of us being fed up about mummy’s work!

  2. Time for you : This is so important. Do not have any guilt over needing some time for yourself during the holidays. You will be a much better parent if you find time for yourself. Everyone has a different set-up, so be really creative about what could work for you. I will be getting up nice and early to give myself those morning hours to go for a swim or a walk in the park, or to practise yoga or meditation, to read a book…to just be. I have booked in some date nights with my husband and I will also make sure I have a little me time on each of the weekends. Whatever happens just make sure you don’t forget you!

  3. A Summer bucket list : This is such a lovely thing to do as a family. This is a lovely one to download or create your own version. I find it so interesting to see what my children actually want to do. The things are often a lot more simple and easy to arrange that you might imagine! When I am planning the school holidays I make sure I leave plenty of gaps and flexibility to fit their wishes in. For my older children it’s also a good way of helping them to begin to understand budgeting and how to decide where to spend the holiday money.

  4. Play dates : I think it’s lovely for my children to have some time with their friends over the holidays. It’s not always easy because everyone is away at different times but chat to friends this week or early on in the holidays to see what might be possible.

  5. Creative Projects : I have a separate post coming with a lovely collection of ideas for you but you might already have ideas of what you and your children like to do creatively. Now is a great time to plan and gather the things you need to make your ideas happen.

  6. All weather activities : Make yourself a list of activities that can be done whatever the weather. Keep an eye on the weather forecast each week and switch plans around if you can. There are sure to be some rainy days over the next six weeks and you will feel so much better about the wet days if you’ve thought ahead about things that you can do on these days.

  7. A basket of books/magazines/craft for you : My children often just want me to be close by rather than actually wanting me to be involved in what they are doing. It’s so easy just to take out my phone during these times but that doesn’t make me feel great after a while. This is a holiday for me too, so I am gathering books, magazines and some small craft projects in a couple of baskets that I will keep in the kitchen and the living room. That way they are near at hand to pick up and put back down again during these quieter moments. I think it’s also a great way of role modelling to my children if they can see that I’m not just on my phone!

  8. Fun with cooking and food : The holidays are a great time to get cooking with your children. There’s so much more time , so no one needs to be rushed. I am hoping that if we do some cooking in the holidays, my children will learn some new things that they can cook sometimes once we go back to school.

  9. Journals : I am a big journal keeper and I love to encourage my children to keep them too. It helps with their writing over the big long break and can also really help them to reflect on and remember the things that we do.

  10. Getting ready for back to school : When the holidays first start six weeks feels like forever but before you know it there’s a week to go and you’re trying to rush around getting everything organised. Try and do a little bit each week, so that your’e not up all night in early September trying to label everything!

I wish you the most beautiful Summer Holidays. I will be sharing a few more posts to help you and your family thrive this Summer. xo


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